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We provide one-to-one supervised visitation
We monitor child exchanges between the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent
We provide a safe place for children to stay connected with both parents
We put the needs and interests of the children first by taking a neutral stand regarding any parent issues or conflicts
We provide paretn education through Safehome Systems Inc.
We offer Saturday and Sunday hours by appointment.  Monday to Friday hours after 5:00pm by appointment
We accept refferals from Attorneys, Courts, Counselors, Social Services, Self Refferal, and other Professionals
Each referral must call  540-965-3237 or 1-877-393-3672 to set up an interview or complete a referral form which may be faxed to 540-965-4490 or mailed to PO Box 748 Covington Va. 24426.  Referral form can be downloaded from link at bottom of page and emailed also as attachment.
Both parents will interview with the family visitation coordinator at seperate times.  Rules, guidelines, seperate parking,  entrance, and waiting arrangement will be explained and agreed to.
Family Visitation Referral Download
You can download this form then send as attachment to  be sure to put in subject line " referral form"