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Checklist Of What You Need When You Leave
* Drivers License
* Childrens birth certificate
* Social Security Card
* Welfare Identification
* Money and/and or credit cards
* Bank books
* Checkbooks
* Medications
* Custody papers
* Divorce papers
* Health and life insurance papers
* Medical records for you and your children

If you need to call the police because of a domestic violence situation:

** Describe what happened

** Show any injuries or damaged property

** Give them the names of any witnesses

** Tell them about any past violence and any guns or weapons the       
     abuser may have

** Show them any court documents you may have

** Plan for your safety after the police leave

What the police are required to do:

** Make an arrest if there is probable cause that assault and
battery took place against a family or household member

** Write a report and make a summary of the report
available to you

** Ask for an Emergengy Protective Order if the officer
believes you are still in danger

** Give information on resources available to you

You have the right to request:

* An Emergency Protective Order from the magistrate that
lasts 72 hours or until 5pm of the next Domestic Relations
Court date. There is no fee or cost to you.

* A warrant directly from the magistrate if the police do not make an arrest

* Monetary compensation from the victim witness cordinator for medical bills

Protective Orders can allow you to:
*Get temporary possession of a jointly owned car
*Have the judge review temporary custody or visitation of
  your children on the next court date

The P.O. can order the abuser to:
* Stay away from you
 *Leave the home
 *Provide suitable alternative housing for you