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 Nationwide contacts for domestic violence or sexual assault coalitions and centers  
 National Domestic Violence Hotline ---  1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
 or call   1-800-787-3224 (TDD)
 Hotline available 24 hours a day   
Virginians Against Domestic Violence
Virginia Family Violence Hotline ---  1-800-383-VADV (8283)  
State by state domestic violence and sexual assault coalitions   
   Womens Rural Advocacy Programs   
  Trust Teen Crisis Counseling -----  1-800-345-TEEN (8336)  
 Virginia Missing Children Information Clearing House--- 1-800-822-4453  
Parenting Database--National Network for Family Resiliency


New Social Security  Numbers For Domestic Violence Victims And Others

Survivors Of Stalking, Inc. (S.O.S.)

Center for the Prevention of School Violence

elder abuse site

Native American Domestic Violence Information

Safehome Newsletter

 more links coming soon...


 Local Numbers you need to know .....
  Covington Fire and First Aid ---  540-962-2204
  Covington Police Department--- 540-962-2236

  Alleghany County Sheriffs Department---540-965-1770

  Clifton Forge Police, Fire, And First Aid- 911 or 540-863-2513

  Bath County Sheriffs Office - 1-888-823-1710  or 540-839-2331
  All Bath County gov't offices can be reached thru this toll free number/
  Also Bath County Mental Health and Social Services can be reached thru
  the same number.

  Virginia State Police --- 1-800-542-5959

  Alleghany County Division of Social Services--  540-965-1780

   Bath County Division of Social Services -- 540-839-7271

   Alleghany Highlands Community Services Board
   Mental Health Services----- 540- 965-2100
   Alcohol and Substance Abuse- 540-965-2130  
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